Abstract art and the energy within: a journey through color and emotion

Abstract art and the energy within: a journey through color and emotion

My art has always been intertwined with the exploration of energy. This concept might sound abstract in itself, yet it is profoundly embedded in every stroke, every blend of color, and in the very essence of my creative process. 

Abstract artist Claire Desjardins painting in her home studio


In my early days, captivated by the raw emotional power of Abstract Expressionism, I realized that art isn't just about creating an image; it's about capturing an energy. This understanding has stayed with me, evolving as I've grown both personally and artistically.

When I approach a blank canvas, it is more than just a surface to paint on; it is a space of endless possibilities where energy can be unleashed and harnessed. The acrylics I use are not just pigments; they are mediums through which emotions, thoughts, and the intangible are translated into something visible and tangible.

Abstract artist, Claire Desjardins, talking through her creative process in front of a canvas in progress.

Energy, in the realm of abstract art, is a complex dialogue between the artist and the medium. It's about the spontaneity in a brush stroke, the deliberate pause between colors, and the intensity or gentleness of each application. This energy is not just in the act of painting, but in the artwork itself. It continues to resonate, speak, and interact with the viewer long after the painting is complete.

My works, found across the globe, in both residential and commercial establishments, are not just decorations; they are conversations in color and form. They embody a certain type of energy that varies from piece to piece – sometimes it’s a whisper, a subtle nudge towards introspection; other times, it's a loud chorus, an invitation to feel and experience a spectrum of emotions.

Claire Desjardins' abstract paintings in the Halcyon lobby

This energy is not static. As light changes throughout the day, so does the energy of a painting. The colors might appear to dance, retreat, or morph, engaging with the viewer in an ever-changing dialogue. This dynamic nature is what makes abstract art so captivating and personal.

Reflecting on my journey, influenced as it has been by the giants of Abstract Expressionism, I find a sense of continuity. While my style and approach have evolved, the core idea of translating energy into art remains. It's a process that continues to challenge and inspire me every day.

For me, abstract art is more than a style or a practice; it’s a way of capturing and sharing the intangible energies that surround us. Each painting is a unique expression of these energies, an invitation for viewers to pause, reflect, and connect with something beyond the visible, something deeply human and profoundly universal.

For All the Jewels of the World, original abstract painting by Canadian artist, Claire Desjardins

As I continue to explore this fascinating interplay of color, emotion, and energy, I invite you to join me in this journey. To view my art is to experience a story, one that speaks not just through visuals, but through the energy that emanates from every brushstroke.

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Wow! I’m so glad I came across this in my newsfeed on Google.

Doris L. Corea

I love this and your artwork. Movement and energy in art is something I find so captivating

Vive Oldham

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