Embracing the impact of abstract art in my product design journey

Jolie Laide wine labels designed by abstract artist Claire Desjardins.

My voyage into the realm of product design has been profoundly shaped by the mesmerizing world of abstract art. Through the melding of emotion, color, and form in everyday items, I've embarked on a captivating journey, collaborating with esteemed brands that have etched lasting impressions. From Liberté yoghurt's enticing packaging to the evocative labels of Jolie Laide wines, and the very essence of my signature apparel collection, my foray into abstract art has been an indelible chapter.

The synergy between artistic expression and practicality finds its pinnacle in my partnership with various brands. For example, on Liberté's yoghurt packaging: each stroke of my abstract brushstroke mirrors the explosion of flavors within each yoghurt cup. This fusion of visual allure and taste sensation has underscored the transformative potential of abstract art, seamlessly turning ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

Wine labels

My collaboration with Jolie Laide Wines has been an exploration of aesthetics and flavor. The convergence of my abstract artworks with the intricate palette of wine varieties adds a new layer of depth to the act of tasting. As I lift a bottle adorned with my art on the front label, I'm reminded of abstract expressionism's ability to transcend mediums, celebrating the marriage of taste and ingenuity.

Jolie Laide wine labels designed by Canadian abstract artist, Claire Desjardins.

My signature collection of my own women's apparel, Claire Desjardins

The canvas of women's apparel offers a remarkable avenue for self-expression, embodying the essence of my artistic voyage. Each piece carries fragments of my emotions and creative energy, allowing individuals to wear art that resonates with their identity. Blurring the lines between fashion and artistic verve, my signature collection of women's apparel magnifies the symbiotic relationship between abstract art and personal style.

Women's apparel by artist Claire Desjardins.

However, abstract art's influence isn't confined to singular partnerships. Corporate giants like Samsung, Microsoft, and Anthropologie have embraced my creations, underscoring the universal language that abstract art speaks. These diverse collaborations illuminate abstract expressionism's capacity to transcend boundaries, infusing spaces and lives worldwide with its versatile allure.

In retracing my path through the confluence of abstract art and product design, I'm reminded that excitement and joy often reside in the everyday. Each brushstroke has unveiled the transformative power to metamorphose the ordinary into a tapestry of hues, sentiments, and creativity. Abstract art's enduring influence continues to guide my journey, kindling innovation and beauty when art intertwines seamlessly with the design narrative.

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Below, are some of the artworks that were used on the products mentioned in this article. Click on the images for more details.

Abstract painting, Touch 10, by artist Claire Desjardins.
Painting name (above):
"Touch 10"
Collection: TOUCH
Used for Jolie-Laide wine label.
Abstract floral painting, Not Klimt's Apple Tree, by artist Claire Desjardins.

Painting name (above):
"Not Klimt's Apple Tree"
Collection: GARDEN
Used for Claire Desjardins collection of women's apparel - Fall/Winter 2022.

The Space in Between 23 - original abstract painting by artist Claire Desjardins. 

Painting name (above):
"The Space in Between 23"
Used (modified with permission) on packaging design for Liberté Yoghurt - 2023.

Original abstract painting, Love 11, by Canadian artist Claire Desjardins. 

Painting name (above):
"Love 11"
Collection: LOVE
Used for Jolie-Laide wine label.
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