The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

The Ritz-Carlton brand has gotten into the yachting space, and its newest branch is called the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection. The inaugural trip was from Barcelona, in October 2022. In November 2022, they planned the inaugural 12-day transatlantic crossing, from Lisbon to Barbados, with stops in Madeira and Tenerife. They needed activities for their guests to participate in, to keep them occupied during the sea days, aboard the super luxury yacht, Evrima. 

After several brainstorming sessions with management, I was invited me to lead art workshops during the yacht's crossing, for both the guests, as well as for the employees. I also gave an artist talk, followed by a question and answer period, and I had a 3-month long, onboard exhibition. Feedback was very positive, and I hope to do it again, some day!

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