Sarasota Modern hotel mural

The Sarasota Modern, a new hotel in the Rosemary District of Sarasota, was looking to put a few finishing touches on their latest development: they wanted to make their unique property stand out, by putting a 26 x 32-foot mural on the exterior wall. Due to the high visibility of the project, they worked closely with the City of Sarasota to ensure that the design would be one that reflected their mission and that safety measures were in place (both for erecting the mural, as well as for maintaining the artwork, afterwards). 

Claire was able to create a mid-century style piece that was perfect for the project. It was then reproduced onto large-scale, powder printed aluminum panels, on the north-facing exterior wall of the Sarasota Modern hotel.

Located on Boulevard of the Arts in Sarasota, the "hotel with heart", a Tribute Portfolio Hotel by Marriott, boasts "highly curated living experiences", which includes a love of culture and the arts.

In keeping with their core values, Claire's original paintings can also be found on display, in the hotel's art gallery.