What is abstract painting?

Abstract painting, Love 03, by artist Claire Desjardins.

Abstract painting is a captivating and enigmatic form of art that challenges conventional representations and delves into the realm of emotions, ideas, and imagination. Unlike traditional art that aims to depict recognizable subjects, abstract painting embraces the freedom of expression and invites viewers to interpret and connect with the artwork on a more personal level.

Abstract painting, Sentient 03, by artist Claire Desjardins.

At its core, abstract painting does not conform to any strict rules or boundaries, allowing artists to break free from the constraints of realism and instead focus on exploring color, form, texture, and gesture. This is what most appeals to me about the process. This uninhibited approach gives rise to a diverse range of styles, from the bold and chaotic splatters of Jackson Pollock to the serene and contemplative compositions of Wassily Kandinsky.

Abstract painting in its many forms: yellow and blue painting by artist painter Claire Desjardins.

While some critics may perceive abstract art as chaotic or random, it requires a deep sense of intention and skill from the artist. The deliberate arrangement of elements conveys emotions and ideas that may be difficult to express through representational art.

The Space in Between 73: abstract painting by painter Claire Desjardins.

Tapping into the vast realm of human experiences, thoughts, and sensations, abstract paintings evoke a unique emotional response from each viewer. They invite us to introspect, engage with our subconscious, and open our minds to novel perspectives.

Colorful abstract painting by artist painter Claire Desjardins.

Abstract painting is a testament to the boundless creativity of the human mind. It challenges us to see beyond the surface and immerse ourselves in the intangible, making it an enthralling and timeless form of art that continues to inspire and intrigue generations of art enthusiasts.

Multi-color abstract painting by artist painter Claire Desjardins.
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I am a self-learned (hobby)artist and I love to try abstract paintings. Your paintings and blogs are inspirational. It would be great if you keep sharing some vdos, tips and tricks for beginner level abstract paintings.
Thank u
Your paintings and blogs inspire me to


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