Artful returns: transforming the office into an Instagrammable haven

Nicole Garton stands beside abstract painting by artist painter Claire Desjardins at Saatchi Art office.

It seems that companies are still struggling to entice employees to return to the office, after a 2-year pandemic-fueled hiatus. As an abstract artist who thrives on the boundless possibilities of creativity, I understand the importance of fostering an environment that not only inspires but also elevates the spirit. As we navigate the post-Covid landscape, the idea of returning to the office has been met with mixed emotions. However, I believe that by infusing art into the workspace, we can create an attractive option for employees: a vibrant and Instagrammable experience that beckons employees back with enthusiasm and ultimately, encourages creative thinking.

Colorful abstract painting, Loaded, by artist painter Claire Desjardins. 

Setting the stage: from drab to fab

The journey begins with transforming the office space from mundane to extraordinary. Incorporate bold colors, eye-catching installations, and thought-provoking artwork. As an abstract artist, I've witnessed the power of art to evoke emotions and stimulate creative thinking. Think of the office as a blank canvas waiting to be adorned with strokes of inspiration.

Corporate lobby dressed up with the abstract art of painter artist Claire Desjardins.

Comfortable and inviting spaces

Comfort is key to productivity. Consider ergonomic furniture, cozy nooks for relaxation, and collaborative spaces designed to foster teamwork. Infuse the office with a blend of textures and materials that not only look visually appealing but also provide a tactile experience. By creating an inviting atmosphere, employees will be drawn to the office not just for work but for the overall experience.

Artwork warms up the walls of a corporate office. Painting by artist painter Claire Desjardins.

#OfficeRevival: selfie-worthy spaces

In the age of social media, the hashtag is king. Encourage employees to document their return to the office with a dedicated hashtag like #OfficeRevival. Craft spaces within the office that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also serve as perfect backdrops for selfies. This not only makes the return to the office a personal and memorable experience but also generates organic social media content that showcases your company culture.

Employee stands next to colorful abstract painting by artist painter artist Claire Desjardins.

The power of creative expression

Art has the ability to spark creativity, and a creatively charged environment fosters innovation. Organize art workshops, encourage employees to contribute to collaborative murals, or even host gallery exhibitions within the office. This not only adds a layer of personal investment for employees but also turns the office into a dynamic space that evolves with the collective creativity of its inhabitants.

Communicating your business narrative

Every brushstroke tells a story, and so does your business. Use the art within the office as a means to communicate your company's narrative. Showcase your values, milestones, and future aspirations through carefully curated installations. This not only fosters a sense of pride among employees but also serves as a conversation starter for clients and visitors.

Original abstract painting in corporate environment makes the office more inviting to employees.

The abstract advantage

As an abstract artist, I am particularly drawn to the idea of embracing ambiguity and embracing the beauty of the undefined. Infuse the office with elements of abstraction – shapes, colors, and forms that encourage employees to think outside the box. Abstract art has the power to stimulate open-mindedness and foster a culture of innovation.

Create colorful, inviting spaces for employees to enjoy.

The return to the office can be an exciting and invigorating experience when approached with a creative mindset. By making your office an Instagrammable haven, you not only encourage employees to return with enthusiasm but also showcase the unique personality of your business. Let the artful revival begin! #OfficeRevival

Colorful abstract art prints by artist Claire Desjardins, in a corporate collector's office.

Corporate meeting room with abstract painting by artist painter Claire Desjardins.
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