Painting with purpose: an expressive journey of color and texture

Abstract painting by artist Claire Desjardins.

As an abstract artist, my creative process is an exploration of emotions, energy, and the power of intention. In my collection titled INTENT, I delve into the depths of self-expression through bold, vibrant colors and the application of thick, luscious paint onto the canvas. With each brushstroke, I aim to evoke a profound connection between myself as the artist and the viewer.

Abstract acrylic painting, The Waiting Game, by artist Claire Desjardins.

Painting with intention is a deeply personal experience for me. The act of applying heavy layers of paint onto the canvas allows me to physically engage with my emotions. The richness of texture and the play of light and shadow that arise from this technique imbue my artwork with a tangible sense of energy and presence. As I manipulate my mediums, I feel an exhilarating release of emotions, a cathartic journey that unfolds with every stroke.

For the viewer, the INTENT series offers an invitation to delve into a world of vibrant sensations and unspoken narratives. The bold colors and textural complexity create a visual symphony that speaks directly to the soul. Each piece carries within it a unique story, waiting to be discovered and interpreted by the observer.

Colourful, abstract painting, Fresh Air, by painter Claire Desjardins.

The colors applied on each canvas act as portals, bridging the gap between the tangible and the intangible. The viewer is drawn into the depths of the artwork, encouraged to immerse themselves in its intricacies. It is within these depths that the emotions I poured into the creation of each piece resonate, and a shared experience between artist and viewer emerges. Eyes travel across each piece, following lightness, darkness, whatever engages the viewer first. Every patch of color can act as a stepping stone, guiding one as they reflect on how the artwork speaks to them. 

Through INTENT, I seek to inspire a journey of self-reflection and emotional connection. I aim to ignite a spark within the viewer, provoking introspection and exploration of their own intentions, desires, and emotions. The collection serves as a testament to the power of art to transcend boundaries and foster a profound sense of understanding and empathy.

Abstract artist, Claire Desjardins next to her painting, Options.

All this to say painting with intention is a transformative process that allows me to express my innermost emotions and create a visual language that resonates with others. The INTENT series embodies the raw energy of my creative spirit, inviting viewers to embark on an emotive voyage of color, texture, and self-discovery. Let the vibrant hues and thick paint layers speak to your soul, and may you find your own intentions reflected in the vivid strokes of my artwork.

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