Original paintings vs. art prints: which to choose and why?

Original painting or print? Artwork by Claire Desjardins.

As an artist, I often contemplate the choice between buying original paintings or opting for prints. In this post, we'll explore the pros and cons of both options and discuss their ideal applications.

The Allure of Original Paintings

Original abstract painting by painter Claire Desjardins.
Original paintings possess a captivating magic, each brushstroke embodying the artist's passion and unique expression. Their exclusivity and depth create an immersive experience, making them sought-after by collectors desiring something truly one-of-a-kind.
  1. Unique and authentic: Original paintings offer unparalleled authenticity and individuality, reflecting the artist's vision.
  2. Emotional connection: Owning an original painting evokes deep emotions and fosters a personal connection.
  3. Investment potential: Renowned original paintings can appreciate in value over time, presenting investment opportunities.


  1. Cost: Original paintings come with a higher price tag due to their exclusivity and the artist's dedication.
  2. Limited Availability: Finding the perfect original painting can be challenging due to their rarity.

The Appeal of Prints

Abstract art print by artist Claire Desjardins.

Prints provide an affordable and accessible means to appreciate art, capturing the essence of the original artwork through high-quality reproductions


  1. Affordability: Prints enable art enthusiasts to own reproductions at a fraction of the cost.
  2. Accessibility: Prints are widely available, spreading the joy of art to a larger audience.
  3. Flexibility: Prints offer versatility in size, framing options, and placement.


  1. Replication limitations: Prints may not capture the intricate details and texture of the original artwork.
  2. Lack of exclusivity: Owning a print means sharing the artwork with others who may have similar reproductions.

Finding the Right Place for Originals and Prints

Choosing between originals and prints depends on personal preferences, budget, and intended purpose.

Abstract painting, SoCal 02, by artist Claire Desjardins.

Original Paintings

  1. Statement pieces: Original paintings make bold statements, commanding attention in any setting.
  2. Collectors and art enthusiasts: Original paintings appeal to those passionate about art and seeking unique works.


  1. Decorative versatility: Prints seamlessly integrate into various spaces, offering design flexibility.
  2. Gifts and shared spaces: Prints make excellent gifts and suit shared spaces where multiple individuals can appreciate them.

Whether it's the exclusivity of original paintings or the affordability and accessibility of prints, both options have their merits. Understanding your preferences and the intended purpose will guide you toward the right choice, allowing you to embrace the beauty of art in a way that suits your needs and desires.


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