New features on our website!

Artist Claire Desjardins' website: updated!

My team and I are always looking to make things better for people who are interested in my artworks. Because of that, we have added several new and cool features to my website, to make browsing a more pleasant experience for you.

Here's what's new:

  • Compare app - this app allows you to select up to four different paintings, and then view them side-by-side. Simply select up to 4 paintings by clicking "add to compare"
    Artist Claire Desjardins: new website!

    Check the boxes for the paintings you'd like to compare (you can also do this on each individual painting's product page), then click the bright pink tab on the right that says "Product comparison".
    Artist website update: Claire Desjardins.
    This is the compare window! Now you can see the differences between all your favorites, side by side.
  • New search filters - We're starting to add all sorts of useful data to your browsing experience! Now, you can sort through all the paintings by color, size, and material. Looking for a painting using blue hues to put somewhere specific in your house or office? Not a problem. 

  • Instagram feed - this is for those of you who (perhaps wisely) try your best to stay off social media. Now you can stay caught up with my most recent instagram posts so you don't feel out of the loop on new collaborations, giveaways, or any of my personal adventures! You can find it at the bottom of the Home page

    @claire_desjardins_art on Instagram on the Home page

And with that, we hope that you will enjoy your time perusing my website. Please give it a whirl, and let us know what you think! We are open to suggestions, and are always wanting to make the world a better place!

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