My painting "Skate Park": a stroke of freedom

Blue and violet abstract painting, "Skate Park", by Canadian artist painter, Claire Desjardins.

This unassuming piece, titled "Skate Park," may appear as a mere swoosh of my paintbrush, but behind its unpretentious facade lies a deliberate intention and a subtle invitation to embrace freedom of thought.

The genesis of "Skate Park" began with a conscious effort to harmonize movement and color. Before a single drop of paint touched the canvas, I found myself practicing the fluid motion of my hand, envisioning the graceful arcs and twists that would soon come to life. Each stroke was premeditated, a dance choreographed in my mind before being translated onto the pale grey expanse that would become the backdrop for my creation.

Close-up detail 1: abstract painting, "Skate Park" by artist painter Claire Desjardins.

Color selection played a pivotal role in giving life to the piece. Deliberately opting for cool hues—deep navy blue, violet, and turquoise blues—I sought to evoke a sense of tranquility. These colors, set against the muted canvas, seamlessly blend and swoop together, reminiscent of an era that embraced carefree spirit—the '70s. Hence, the title "Skate," an ode to the freedom and fluidity associated with the skateboarding culture that flourished during that time.

Art studio: blue and purple abstract painting, Skate Park, by Canadian artist painter Claire Desjardins.

Upon reflection, "Skate Park" serves not just as visual fodder, but as a conduit for a message that transcends its visual simplicity. I find myself drawn to the piece not because of its intricacy, but rather its capacity to inspire and provoke thought. In its unembellished design, I intended to create a visual metaphor for the unencumbered nature of life when we navigate it with a liberated mindset.

Close-up detail 2: abstract painting, "Skate Park" by artist painter Claire Desjardins.

The subtle curves and twists in the painting are not just an aesthetic choice but a symbolic representation of life's journey—its twists and turns, its unpredictability. I want the viewer to be captivated by the simplicity of the design and, in turn, contemplate the complexity of their own journey. "Skate Park" is an invitation to move freely, unburdened by life's inevitable bumps in the road.

Abstract painter artist Claire Desjardins standing next to her blue painting, "Skate Park".

As I step back and observe the amalgamation of carefully chosen colors and purposeful strokes, I can't help but feel a sense of accomplishment. Not because I've created a painting that I love, but because I've managed to encapsulate an emotion, a message, within a seemingly uncomplicated composition. "Skate Park" is not just a painting—it's an embodiment of mindful thinking, a reminder to embrace life with an open mind and to navigate its twists with grace, residing in a collection I call "VAVOOM!".

In a world often filled with complexities, "Skate Park" stands as a visual prompt for liberation, a brushstroke of freedom that encourages viewers to skate through life's challenges with a renewed sense of mindfulness.

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