How to paint abstract landscapes

How to paint abstract landscapes

I'm thrilled to delve into the world of abstract landscapes. As an abstract painter deeply immersed in the exploration of colors and forms, I've often found myself drawn to the allure of landscapes, translating their essence onto canvas in my own unique way. Join me as I share insights and tips on how to create your own abstract landscapes.

Embrace intuition over realism

Abstract painting by artist / painter, Claire Desjardins: 'Go Easy'.
One of the most liberating aspects of abstract art is the freedom to depart from strict representation. Instead of focusing on accurately depicting every detail of a landscape, allow your intuition to guide you. Let go of preconceived notions and embrace spontaneity in your brushstrokes.

Play with colors and textures

Colourful abstract painting, 'Nostalgic', by artist / painter Claire Desjardins.

Landscapes are a rich tapestry of colors and textures, and abstract art offers the perfect opportunity to experiment with them. Explore bold, vibrant hues to evoke the mood and atmosphere of your imagined landscape. Experiment with different brush techniques and layering to create depth and dimension.

Find inspiration in nature


Abstract collage painting by artist / painter Claire Desjardins: "My Tropical Paradise".


While abstract landscapes may not adhere to literal interpretations, they are often inspired by the natural world. Spend time immersing yourself in nature, observing the play of light and shadow, the movement of clouds, and the rhythm of the land. Allow these experiences to inform your artistic vision.

Express emotion and mood

"Fear of Heights" - colourful acrylic abstract painting by painter Claire Desjardins.

Abstract art is a powerful medium for expressing emotion and mood. Use color, composition, and texture to convey the feelings and sensations evoked by your chosen landscape. Whether it's the tranquility of a serene meadow or the dynamic energy of a stormy sea, infuse your artwork with emotion that resonates with viewers.

Trust the process

"Fresh Air" abstract painting by artist Claire Desjardins.

Creating abstract landscapes is a journey of exploration and discovery. Embrace the process without being overly focused on the end result. Allow yourself to experiment, make mistakes, and learn along the way. Trust in your instincts and let your creativity flow freely.

Invite interpretation

Red and blue abstract painting by artist Claire Desjardins.

One of the most beautiful aspects of abstract art is its ability to evoke different interpretations from viewers. Embrace the ambiguity of abstraction and invite viewers to engage with your artwork on a personal level. Encourage them to contemplate the mood, symbolism, and narrative behind your abstract landscapes.

Practice patience and persistence

Like any artistic endeavor, mastering the art of abstract landscapes requires patience and persistence. Don't be discouraged by setbacks or moments of creative block. Keep exploring, experimenting, and honing your craft. Remember that every brushstroke brings you closer to realizing your artistic vision.

Creating abstract landscapes is a deeply rewarding and enriching artistic pursuit. By embracing intuition, playing with colors and textures, finding inspiration in nature, expressing emotion and mood, trusting the process, inviting interpretation, and practicing patience and persistence, you can embark on a transformative artistic journey that celebrates the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

I hope this guide has inspired you to unleash your creativity and explore the boundless possibilities of abstract landscapes. Remember, the beauty of art lies not only in the final masterpiece but also in the journey of creation itself. Happy painting!

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Thank you for sharing Claire. I love you colorful artwork.

Best regards, susanne


I love your work and your blog. I provide art mentoring to clients who use art for healing. I found art after my father passed away. I now do it full-time for a job and love creating in my spare time. I was thinking of creating a large abstract landscape. Thank you for these tips.
Sherry Lynn

Sherry Lynn

Loved this!


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