The artist's guide to collecting art: a creative pursuit

Art exhibition: abstract paintings by artist Claire Desjardins.

As an artist from a lineage of creative minds, collecting art has become an integral part of my own creative journey. I love to surround myself with works done by others — works that excite and inspire me. For those who are not familiar with the art world, it can be intimidating. Here are a few easy steps that will help to guide you to build an art collection of your own. 

How to collect art: creating a collection.


  1. Personal connection
    Choose artwork that resonates with you. Look for pieces that evoke emotions, spark curiosity, or challenge your perspectives.

  2. Exploration and research
    Engage with various art mediums, styles, and artists. Attend exhibitions, visit galleries, and immerse yourself in the local art scene.

  3. Budget and authenticity
    Collect within your means. Ensure artwork is genuine and comes with proper documentation.

  4. Curating and displaying
    Create a personal gallery. Consider placement, arrangement, hanging techniques, lighting, and framing styles.

  5. Long-term preservation
    Protect your investment. Keep pieces away from direct sunlight, excessive humidity, and temperature fluctuations. Regularly clean and dust your collection.

Abstract painting, Doctor Says, by artist Claire Desjardins.

Collecting art is more than simple possession; it's building a meaningful connection with the creative spirit within each piece. Embrace diversity, let art inspire and inform your own creativity. Let your collection guide and nourish your artistic endeavors.

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