How artwork empowers

Artist Claire Desjardins, painting a large mural.

The impact of art extends far beyond the artist and the viewer. The creativity we choose to share with the world has the ability to impact entire communities and movements, starting with the seed of a concept, sowed by the artist.

I experience daily reminders of how powerful taking a brush to canvas can be. More than the messages I pour into each piece, my paintings empower me even years after they've dried and found their forever homes. Each time a painting is purchased from me and hung in a collector's space, I am reminded of the support and love that's out there for me and my work. It's an encouraging feeling. Without it, I would not be able to pursue my creative career to the extent that I have.

Painting, Sunflowers for Ukraine in the home of an art collector.

Seeing a painting in its new home is akin to seeing kids go off to college, get jobs and find themselves: very satisfying.

 When purchasing artwork from an artist, the collector has decided to make space in his or her life for art – a powerful choice in itself. Pieces are selected by art buyers for various reasons. It could be an aesthetic that inspires a certain mood within them. Or sometimes people like the words I write about my paintings just as much as the paintings themselves. Every now and then, the stars align and the artworks seem like they were created especially for the spot where they end up.

Whatever the case may be, collectors play a fundamental role in the empowerment of artists. They also allow for more shared experiences: art can be an excellent tool with which to learn about the people around you. What better way is there than to strike conversations with those you know, and those you don't? Questions like, "what made you choose this piece?", "why do you like it so much?", and "how does it make you feel?" can be conversation starters.

Art can trigger a visceral curiosity that exists within each of us that is sometimes overlooked, underrated and ignored in today's fast-paced world. It speaks to a time and place in the heart, and begs for pause, to ponder what is around us.

Art helps to shape the way we think and feel.

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