Green: the color of envy?

Abstract painting by artist Claire Desjardins.

"Green with envy", references to the "green-eyed monster" and “sickly green”... We have all heard these idioms countless times. But why green? What's in a color? 

Green abstract painting by artist Claire Desjardins

"Fresh Avocado" - 36 x 60"

A quick wander around internet search engines will tell you that green has been associated with jealousy because the early Romans would associate a green complexion with illness. Other writers say that it was William Shakespeare who came up with such phrases. Illness feels fair, as green is a color commonly associated with infection. Purple, red or brown wounds? You’re a-okay! Green? Get it checked out!

Abstract painting with green and red by artist Claire Desjardins.

"I See You" - 36 x 36"

Jealousy, however, is a bit more specific a reference, one we need to time travel for. Some say this dates back to Judaeo-Christian tradition. The first sons of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel. The jealousy Cain felt for his brother, seen in his eyes, motivating him to commit murder.

Green abstract painting by artist Claire Desjardins
"Springtime" - 48 x 48"


But much of the natural beauty that surrounds us in nature is filled with stunning hues of said color: deep, evergreen trees, the misty grey-greens of fields strewn with sage, palm fronds, grass...

Now that we are more concerned with climate change, the color green has taken on a more positive light. To be green is to be hip, helpful, enlightened. Shouldn't we be looking to green for a fresher start?

Green abstract painting by artist Claire Desjardins

"Afloat" - 20 x 20"

I love using shades of green in my work. It invigorates my soul, and often adds a dash of interest to the piece I'm painting. I often complement it with a touch of red-hued something-or-other, to make it pop. Take a look at some of the examples in this post, and let me know what you think in the comments!

Green abstract painting by artist Claire Desjardins
"Vav 06" - 12 x 12"
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    Very nice article


    Very nice article


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