Exploring the essence of abstract art: a journey of colors and emotions

Abstract artist Claire Desjardins, next to her painting.

"What defines 'abstract art'? This is an intriguing question. Webster's dictionary describes it as moving away from ordinary objects to depict something beyond. While I agree, my perspective adds a touch of warmth and allows for a less decisive definition.

Abstract painting by artist Claire Desjardins: Instinct for Hope.

To me, abstract art is a journey into imagination and emotion. It speaks through colors, shapes, and textures, transcending the physical. My paintings aim to evoke feelings and provoke thoughts without limiting to recognizable forms. 

Abstract art communicates intuitively, bypassing explicit representation. It invites viewers to interpret and engage in dialogue. Each brushstroke, color splash, bears significance in the composition.

Abstract painting by artist Claire Desjardins: Dragonflies and Daydreams.

In my process, spontaneity and experimentation thrive. I follow emotions, allowing the canvas to mirror my inner world. It grants freedom and self-expression.

Abstract art captures the complexity of human experience. It reflects emotions, thoughts, perceptions—a visual symphony. It beckons viewers to connect with their imagination and explore endless interpretations.

Original abstract painting by artist Claire Desjardins, A New Look.

In essence, abstract art goes beyond object representation. It opens doors to emotions, ideas, and personal journeys. Through my art, I create space for contemplation, reflection, and connection."

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