Transcending canvas: the creative power of art licensing and collaboration

Transcending canvas: the creative power of art licensing and collaboration

As an abstract painter, I not only sell my original paintings but also license my artworks to be printed on various items. From clocks to socks, chairs to tech skins, and coffee mugs to shower curtains (and so much more!), my art finds its way into the lives of art enthusiasts worldwide. Collaborating with big box brands around the globe has allowed me to reach a broader audience.

Large art print by artist Claire Desjardins, at the Palace Station Buffet in Las Vegas.

Through licensing, my vibrant creations transcend canvas and transform everyday objects into expressions of creativity. People who may not otherwise afford an original painting can still enjoy the beauty of a Claire Desjardins artwork in their day-to-day.

Screenshot: Claire Desjardins merchandise on Anthropologie's website.

Among my ventures, I take pride in my signature collection of women's apparel. Sold primarily in North America, the UK, and now New Zealand, this line allows individuals to wear my art proudly and showcase their unique style. It's an exciting fusion of art and fashion that transcends boundaries.

Artist Claire Desjardins also has a signature collection with a full line of women's apparel.

Licensing my art brings me immense joy and fulfillment as I witness its ability to inspire and ignite conversations worldwide. It's a testament to the universal language of art, connecting with people from different cultures and backgrounds. I am grateful for the opportunity to make art a part of people's lives, regardless of their location or budget.

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