Embracing my nomadic artist's journey of inspiration

Abstract artist, Claire Desjardins, live painting at ease.

I am an abstract painter, and my life takes me on a journey every year. For most of the warmer months, I call Gore, Quebec, home, where the lush landscapes and mystical interplay of light and shadow become the canvas for my artistic musings. But when winter's icy fingers creep in, I pack my art supplies and embark on a migration to Sarasota, Florida, chasing the sun and seeking fresh inspiration. In this blog post, I'll share how this nomadic lifestyle impacts my work and how I manage my art supplies between two distinct locations. Moreover, I'll explore how my gardens in both places serve as powerful wellsprings of creativity that inform the very essence of what I paint on my canvases.

Flowers and abstract painting by artist Claire Desjardins.


The dance of travel and creativity

Traveling is much more than a mere change of scenery for me; it is a dance of inspiration that adds a dynamic depth to my artistic expression. Gore, Quebec, with its lush greenery, gentle winds, and ever-changing landscape during the warmer months, sparks a unique connection within me. The colors and textures of this ever-changing environment find their way into my art, shaping my work into a vivid representation of nature's beauty.

However, when winter blankets the Quebec landscape with snow, my husband and I pack up the van and venture south to sunny Sarasota with our two dogs, where a new world of inspiration awaits. The tropical flora, the vibrant city life, and the calming waves lapping on sandy shores all contribute to the ever-changing palette of emotions that infuse my art. This contrast between the two locations fuels a continuous creative evolution, allowing me to explore a wide range of artistic expressions.

Abstract painting on easel in the snow, at the home of artist Claire Desjardins.

Navigating the artistic odyssey

Managing my art supplies across vast distances has become an art form in itself. To ease the burden of travel, I've established permanent art stations in both locations, ensuring I have the essential tools readily available. But as an artist with an ever-evolving vision, I carefully select the materials I carry during my seasonal migrations. Portable easels, digital tools, and versatile sketching pads have become invaluable companions, allowing me to capture fleeting moments and emotions wherever I go.

Pink flower serves as inspiration for artist Claire Desjardins.

Gardens as fertile grounds for creativity

Abstract painting of pink peony flowers by artist Claire Desjardins.

My gardens in both Gore and Sarasota play a pivotal role in nurturing my creativity. Despite their stark differences, they both inspire me in unique ways. In Gore, I'm surrounded by a tapestry of colors, fragrances, and textures that change with the seasons. This rich biodiversity fosters a deep connection to nature, and this connection is vividly reflected in my artwork, creating a dynamic representation of the ever-evolving landscape.

Bouquet of colourful flowers from the garden of artist Claire Desjardins.

On the other hand, my Sarasota garden greets me with exotic blooms and lush foliage, beckoning me into a world of vibrant energy. The tropical climate infuses my artwork with a different spirit, leading me to experiment with bold palettes that mirror the vivid life around me. This fusion of foreign and familiar elements results in truly distinctive and captivating art pieces.

Abstract painter, Claire Desjardins, photographing her painting, "My Tropical Paradise".

As a nomadic artist, my life is a perpetual journey through the intertwined landscapes of creativity and travel. Embracing the contrasting elements of Gore, Quebec, and Sarasota, Florida, has enhanced rather than hindered my artistic vision. With every migration, I find a renewed wellspring of inspiration, allowing me to produce art that captures the essence of both my beloved homes. My gardens in each location play a vital role in this creative odyssey, whispering stories of nature's beauty and the profound connection I feel with the world around me.

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