What influences art appreciation over time?

Abstract paintings at art fair.

As an abstract artist, I've often found myself pondering the age-old question: "Will my art appreciate over time?" It's a natural concern for any artist who pours their heart and soul into their creations. After years of artistic exploration and learning, I've come to understand that several key factors influence an artwork's appreciation, and there are essential best practices that can help me achieve my artistic goals.

Back to Earth, original abstract painting by Canadian artist, Claire Desjardins

Deciding factors for art appreciation

Artistic vision and authenticity

Staying true to my unique artistic voice and creating with passion and authenticity is crucial. It is the genuine emotions and perspectives embedded in my artwork that resonate with viewers and make it more likely to stand the test of time.

Quality of craftsmanship

Meticulous attention to detail and honing my artistic skills contribute to the overall quality of my work. By continuously improving my craftsmanship, I can create art that leaves a lasting impression on collectors and critics alike.

Painting detail: abstract art by painter Claire Desjardins.

Art market trends

Keeping an eye on the art market trends can be helpful, although I must not sacrifice my artistic integrity solely to chase popular styles. Balance is key—incorporating contemporary elements while preserving the essence of my abstract expression.

Pitfalls to Avoid


Focusing on quantity over quality can dilute the impact of my art. I must strike a balance between creating new pieces and devoting enough time and effort to each one.

Underestimating promotion

I've learned that it's not enough to create remarkable art; promoting it effectively is essential. Embracing social media, collaborating with galleries, and participating in art exhibitions can significantly boost visibility.

Artworks hang at Artist Project in Toronto, Ontario.

Best Practices for Artistic Success

Establish an online presence

Creating a professional website and utilizing social media platforms to showcase my artwork can widen my reach and attract potential buyers.
Network and Collaborate

Engaging with fellow artists, collectors, and art professionals can lead to valuable collaborations, exposure, and feedback that enriches my artistic journey.

Website of artist Claire Desjardins

Document artworks

Keeping an organized record of my creations, including photographs, descriptions, and any significant milestones, ensures a comprehensive portfolio for future reference and promotional purposes.

In conclusion, I understand that the appreciation of my art depends on a combination of factors, including my artistic vision, craftsmanship, and awareness of art market trends. By avoiding common pitfalls and embracing best practices, I can navigate my artistic journey more confidently and increase the likelihood of my art leaving a lasting impact on audiences and collectors alike. Through continuous growth and dedication to my craft, I am optimistic about the potential for my art to appreciate over time.

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