August 26, 2017
Live painting on stage with Styx

Opening act, Annakin Slayd warmed up the crowd at Strangers in the Night 13th annual charity fundraiser, on August 25th, 2017. The band’s catchy tunes, such as Feels Like '93, proved to be a great warm-up for the show’s headlining act, super group STYX. The beats came on strong, inspiring me to apply thick gobs of colour onto my large, 48”x60” canvas. I brought a very large canvas with me, so that the 6000+ crowd could see it, even if at the back of the crowd.

Click here to check out a short video of me painting at the event!

I enjoy the freedom that the large substrate afforded me… The bigger, the better. When I paint on a large surface, I move differently, as I move with my whole body. Even alone in my painting studio, I often find myself dancing to music, as I create my artworks. Music and large space are such a wonderful combination, and on the evening of August 25th, it was made even more exciting by the presence of live music, and an audience.

I finished painting just before the end of the concert, so my acrylic painting had enough time to form a skin on it. Before it was completely dry, however, I brought it around to meet each of the band members, in their respective trailers, so that they could each sign the piece. We then brought it up on stage, and auctioned it off to the highest bidder. It was all very exciting!

Money raised by Strangers in the Night 2017 went to help the following charities:

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