December 16, 2015
My self-directed artist residency: welcome to my Mexico!

I applied for various artist residencies, in various parts of the world. Either I didn't get accepted, or I did, but it turned out that my options weren't quite as perfect as I had hoped they might be.

Frustrated, I decided, instead, to create my own artist residency. I decided to book myself a flight to San Miguel de Allende, rent an apartment and studio space.

I have now been here for a week, and I have another two weeks of painting left. Beyond that, I'm allowing myself one more week to simply be a turista, and visit some of the sights and sounds of northern central Mexico.

I have fallen in love with the town of San Miguel de Allende, and in particular, the historic Instituto Allende, where I have rented myself studio space, and am using my time to paint. The Instituto Allende, where they offer art and language courses, is a beautiful oasis, boasting sprays of bougainvillea, a peaceful sculpture garden, cobble stone walkways, all shaded by lovely greenery. The view from my studio windows is breathtaking: the hills of San Miguel, off in the distance. The soundtrack consists of chirping birds, and the occasional Spanish conversation, as pedestrians walk through the green, peaceful grounds. It really does feel like I've landed in paradise!

I have been posting photos with captions on my Facebook page (click here, to view them).

Anyone who is interested in more details about my self-directed residency is welcome to email me.

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