May 7, 2015

In June 2014, I started giving workshops. Since then, I have given 7 of them, with more on the way!


Last June 2014 (nearly a year ago), I gave my first abstract painting workshop. The prospect of teaching people the stuff that is in my head seemed a little daunting, at first, but then, as time passed, it became easier to do, as I lost my stage fright. I've figured out my comfort zone: talk about what I know, and it will all come together, naturally. And it did (so far)!

It's now May 2015, and the workshop track is now in full swing, as I think about what I will tell my students this coming weekend, in Stowe, Vermont. I want to find that perfect balance between structure and freedom (which consists mostly of the freedom part), and I want to be relevant. I want my students to leave with a sense of having broken through their boundaries, and perhaps, catching a glimpse of exciting possibilities that will push their boundaries further than they were, before.

I am not a trained teacher, but much of what I know about teaching was learned from my mother, who was. She used to practice on me and my brother, when we were kids, encouraging us to explore and try new things. Sometimes that worked, and sometimes... Well sometimes, trying new things got us into trouble!

I am feeling very excited about this weekend's workshop. The class is full, and the Helen Day Art Center (where I will be teaching) has already asked me about giving another workshop in a few months from now (details to come!). That, and I've also been invited by the Woodlands Art League (just outside of Houston), to teach there, too, so I will be giving that 3-day workshop in October (click here for details).

I look forward to a future of teaching and painting!

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