March 2, 2015

Art Battle 228, in Toronto


I participated in my first Art Battle, while at The Artist Project, in Toronto. Apparently, they are frequent events, as it was only February, and this was already number 228!

The crowd was a big one, and we artists had 20 minutes to create whatever it was that we were going to create on a small canvas. I, naturally, painted an abstract painting... Though not sure that was the way to go, in the end. I think next time, I might try my hand at more figurative work... Why not? It's all in the spirit of the game, after all!

The other artists were outstanding, and we were broken up in to two groups of 8. The top two artists from each group of 8 were then selected to battle it out, to the end! I did not make it to that point, but no love was lost, as I had a great time. What a rush, it was, to stand on that little stage, while the audience circled around us, looking, taking photos, etc.

More photos have been posted on my blog, here.

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