January 1, 2019
A calm during the storm: the Halcyon series

The Halcyon Series

by Canadian abstract painter, Claire Desjardins.

Canadian abstract painter, Claire Desjardins has been working on a new series of colourful paintings that she calls the Halcyon series.

As modern day artists are prone to doing, Desjardins has been documenting her creative process on social media, and it seems that people are noticing: her posts on the HALCYON series are receiving record numbers of “likes” from her 50,000 Instagram followers.

“My paintings are womb-like circles within circles, floating in a space, unobstructed. They are depicted using bright, harmonious colours. I want the viewer to feel a sense of wholeness and calm, when looking at these paintings; For just a few moments, I want to offer the viewer the feeling of being untouchable, idyllic, and protected from their day-to-day. There is no political message, except to say that we all need to feel safe, complete and content.”

–Claire Desjardins.

PRICING: Prices range from $600 USD to $3600 USD, depending on size.

The HALCYON Series can be viewed here.

Desjardins will be showing these and a number of new paintings from her Holiday Everyday series, at her solo exhibition in Philadelphia, in April 2019. Click here for exhibition details.

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