June 25, 2015

An evening of food, drinks, great music and painting!

Blue Rodeo and Starlight Foundation

Last Saturday, I had the time of my life: I got to live paint next to the main stage, at a fundraiser gala put on by the Starlight Foundation, called "Strangers in the Night 11". Starlight works hard to do amazing things. Mostly, the raise money to help very sick kids and their families do fun things together, to distract from the pain and suffering that their illnesses bring them.

The view from where I was, was great: I saw not only the stage, but also the throngs of people who were there to enjoy a good time, and support a great cause. All 5000 of them! I expected to be more nervous than I was. Somehow, in my corner, I felt safe, and was actually quite relaxed while I painted. I think the drinks helped, too! I painted until night time, when the light was no longer bright enough to see the accurate tones of the paint colours.

At the end of the Blue Rodeo concert, the painting was auctioned off to the highest bidder. I was afraid that it might not sell... You just never know! I was mistaken, thankfully! The band members signed my painting (I got to go into their trailer!), and photos were taken of lead singer, Jim Cuddy, myself, and Joseph Broccolini, holding the painting... What a thrill. I do love my job so much!

I hope I can do it again, next year!

Photo credits:
TOP: D. Glickman
MIDDLE: C. Desjardins
BOTTOM: Cassandra Leslie (

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