4 WINDS_ Monsoon - FLOW

4 WINDS (2 of 4): Monsoon, 2016

40.5 x 31.5 x 2 in
104 x 81 x 5 cm

This piece is named after what are mainly south-westerly winds, combined with heavy rain in various areas close to the equator.

I painted this piece on unstretched canvas, while in Mexico (so that I could roll it up and fit it into a tube, on the plane). When I returned home, I had it glued to a 1/2" wood panel, which is set upon a 1" frame. This process is called marouflage. The wood is painted white.

The dimensions are approximate, as the wood panel was hand cut.

Please note that because this canvas is glued onto a wood panel, it is not available for purchase through E-commerce outside Canada or the continental United States. If you live outside Canada or the continental United States and would like to purchase this painting, please contact us directly at art@clairedesjardins.com.

USD$ 2,300.00

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