Sweet Badass Blue - ART FOR A CAUSE

Sweet Badass Blue - Strangers In the Night 2017, 2017

48 x 60 x 1.5 in
122 x 152 x 5 cm

Listening to rock’n roll songs from my youth stirred memories of times past: I drifted back to those tender, bittersweet, teenage years, where one look from a boy, and all intelligible words escaped me. I fumbled and blushed, and spent a lot of time feeling awkward. I could barely speak to boys, and felt as though I did not deserve their attention. It took me years to learn that the things I so worried about then, were really so insignificant. So much time spent agonizing over details that I now dismiss, entirely. Thank goodness I’ve come this far... Being an awkward teen is not an easy time!

This painting was created during a live painting event, Strangers in the Night 2017: I painted on stage during a live concert by the band, Styx, with an opening act by Annakin Slayd. The Styx songs brought me back to an earlier time, and it was very liberating to feel that my life has changed so much (for the better). At the end of the concert, the band members signed my painting, and it was auctioned off to the highest bidder. All of the money raised from the sale of my painting went to charity.


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