CELEBRATE - Come Home - original acrylic abstract painting by Claire Desjardins

Come Home, 2013

39.5 x 34.3 x 1.5 in
102 x 86 x 5 cm

The last of the paintings I worked on in China (at an artist residency I spent 4 weeks at), to be completed. This painting is about the difference between cultures, and their views on art. I found myself wanting to paint chops (imaginary symbols for me, as I don't know what the Chinese characters mean), and randomly "stamping" them on the art. That, coupled with a thick application of daubs of paint, clustered in one area. When I started painting this piece, it was not stretched. I got it stretched, after it arrived back to Canada, and finished painting it. As a result of painting right to the edge of the canvas, the painting had to be pulled over the canvas, and so the edges are also painted


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