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CELEBRATE - Puppetmaster - original acrylic abstract painting by Claire Desjardins
Puppetmaster, 2011
47 x 47 x 1.5 in
119 x 119 x 5 cm

A spin-off on the Ronald MacDonald pop icon, this painting has seen many transformations. I decided to keep the corporate identity, though in a somewhat hidden, discrete way... Sort of like how large corporations try to integrate themselves within our society!

It's a mixed media: mostly acrylics painted on masonite board, but some collage as well. The frame is part of the structure that supports the masonite board.

Please note that because this painting is created on a wood panel, it is not available for purchase through E-commerce outside Canada or the continental United States. If you live outside Canada or the continental United States and would like to purchase this painting, please contact us directly at

$ 3,600

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